Bike Rental in Siliguri – A Rider’s Dream

Before you start to think that why would you choose for a bike rental service in Siliguri, let me ask you some questions first…Are you a traveller?Is capturing the whole world into your head’s hard disk your most intimate passion of life?Do you like to break the mould and go wild… or it would be more precise to ask…Do you want to go beyond the usual mundane way of travelling?And last but not the least…Are you planning to visit India?If your answer is “yes”,then I have the best suggestion for you to get the greatest pleasure of travelling North-Eastern India on the wheels of a rented bike and reach out for every drop of life in your life.

Now let me put this straight to you. First, If you want to rent a bike in Siliguri, if you have an eye for the wild and you want to discover most unearthly beautiful places in India, The North- Eastern state of West Bengal is a “must visit” for you. And surely, if you rent a bike in Siliguri to travel this gateway of North- Eastern India you can put more exciting experiences into your travel bag. Situated in the lap of the Himalayas, Siliguri opens every way for you to give your travelling ambition a fresh start. And what would be better than to rent a bike and travel freely? You know this is your dream to pass all the limits and get on the wheel. So take the most helpful service of bike rental in Siliguri and play a race with the wild Himalayan wind.

The sites that you can visit after getting the bike rental in Siliguri is the river Teesta, the wild daughter of the Himalayas who is running with an enchanting speed of stream started from the Pahunri glacier of the state of Sikkim, and flowing southwards through West Bengal from there. If you are lucky and the the wild girl is in a good mood, you can also get a permit for rafting on the gushing water. The beautiful Teesta Coronation Bridge or Sevoke Bridge or Baghpool is made across the river to connect the two districts of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri. You can get a wonderful view of the hills, the river and the wild nature of Sevoke around it from above the bridge. Many Indians army camps are situated in the Sevoke area. And if you have already rented a bike then Mahananda Wildlife sanctuary is worth a visit for you. Your bike rental service can also make you go to the way to Gangtok, Kalimpong, and Dooars through National Highway No. 31. And NH31 is one of the best way to travel on a bike, which will take you the snakelike silvery mountainous roads of Himalayas, Sometimes narrow and scary… sometimes welcomingly wide. The sacred Kali Mandir of Sevoke is also a nice religious place to visit and will give you some extraordinary knowledge about the rituals of one of the most ancient but perfectly alive and overwhelmingly philosophic religion in the world,Hinduism.

You can grab the gear and take some worthwhile visits to more alluring places around Siliguri. Some of the places are Baikunthapur forest,Chilapata forest,Bengal Safari,Rongtong,Rohini,The Iskon Temple,The tri-connected temples of Jalpeshwar,Jatileshwar and Bateshwar or the Lokenath Mandir of Dagapur. You can also have a fun day out with your companions at the Savin Kingdom, Water Park, Basil’s Park and the City Center. There are many more things in and around the Siliguri area of which I might not tell you because that can spoil your fun of surprise and happiness of discovering your places on your own. But one thing that I can promise is that visiting these places or travelling in the Northern West Bengal will be much more easier if you smartly rent a bike and get on the go. So what are you waiting for? Just go for a bike rental in Siliguri, push the boundary of “ordinary” and I will wait to hear your story!


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